Lorenz Technology

The platform

Lorenz AI-Link® and Lorenz Hive®

Lorenz Technology has developed a complete solution to manage multiple drones and locations simultaneously in the Lorenz Hive® web interface. This way, one platform with different features controls all your UAVs and UGVs.

Together with the Lorenz AI-Link® , which is mounted on a drone or mobile robot of your choice, we offer smart drone software that allows you to easily plan routes and collect data. We want to constantly improve the range of smart technologies for autonomous drone flights and mobile robot routes. Therefore, with a focus on safety and surveillance, we are continuously developing our platform with global partners.

Take Control

Control multiple drones

Easy Access

Easy access from multiple devices

Share data

Share relevant data in real time

How does it work?

Optimization of enterprise drones and commercial robots

The Lorenz Hive® serves as a central control center in the cloud. The person in charge can control drones and ground robots in real time via the software connected to the Lorenz AI-Link®, an edge computer mounted on the drone or robot.

Data flows in real time within a second of latency to and from the drone or robot. A livestream can be shared directly with authorities as needed. The software enables route planning, operation in mission blocks and creates an archive in a secure cloud platform that contributes to the digitization of work processes.