Our services also include visual as-built and damage inspections by drones. These can be high-resolution aerial photographs, drone videos and 3D models that document the as-is condition or visually show damage to plant and machinery of all kinds, such as cracks, thermal/cold bridges, corrosion, erosion, assembly defects or deformations. And we can do this in a short time and even in areas that are difficult to access. But we also support you with regular inspections of heavily used industrial equipment. In addition, thermal inspection by drone flights with thermal imaging cameras is one of our services. Or we provide you with live images for monitoring the plants in real time. We will be happy to advise you on all the options and find the most suitable application for you.

We are pleased to support you with our expertise in your drone project in the following areas.

  • Implementation of the drone system in your company/authority
  • Selection and acquisition of the appropriate drone system (we act completely neutral here as we are not bound to specific brands)
  • Process design
  • Operator/pilot training
  • Optimization of your system