Authority use

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Authority use advantages

The LEMUR S has proven itself in practical applications. It is a highly reliable tactical tool that can help de-escalate, reduce risk and save lives.

  • Two-Way communication
  • Capability to carry a payload
  • Perch time
  • Turtle Mode (Crashes don't end missions with our platform. If the LEMUR S ends up on its back, it can flip itself over and relaunch to finish a mission.)
  • VIDEO TRANSMISSION (Advanced wireless video transmission system allows the pilot to control the LEMUR S from a safe distance without the drone losing the signal.)
  • Night vision


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Firefighting advantages

The LEMUR S is rugged and can enter structures first. when it is too dangerous for first responders to go inside.

  • Indoor flight ability
  • Glass breaker - Ability to break through windows - to make entry and fly around in structures (Ventilate 2nd Story Windows)
  • Night vision
  • Deployable in 45 seconds
  • Two-way communication (search for people in danger)
  • Payload dropper can be equipped to drop off mission critical supplies

Search and Rescue Advantages

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Search and Rescue Advantages

The LEMUR S can communicate and stream video through dense materials to ensure that the pilot operates from a safe location and is always in control.

  • Streaming Video (eyes inside of crumbled bldgs, unsafe structures)
  • Long flight time
  • Two-way communication for locating people in danger
  • Maneuver in tight spaces
  • Payload dropper to release critical supplies
  • LIDAR-Mode for pilot assistance in difficult operating environments


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Hazmat Advantages

Der LEMUR S is paired with a virtual reality headset that gives pilots the ability to operate at a safe distance from any non-sterile or toxic environment.

  • Extended signal range
  • Night vision for low light environments when reading labels
  • Accessory mount so the drone can be compatible with a large number of unique accessories (lights, droppers, hazmat sensors, etc.)
  • Environment: water-resistant / can be flown in hot or cold weather etc.